You’ve landed on it: the largest new member-challenge initiative in WGBY’s history.

The Good News

WGBY’s audience is growing and includes more viewers than it’s had in over five years--not only over the air, but on your desktop, tablet, smartphone or Roku player.

The Challenge

We need to convert viewers to members! The math is simple: more members equal more programs on WGBY.

So, we’ve launched The Grand Challenge, an initiative designed to welcome members to WGBY.

How does it work?

 When 1,000 new or rejoining members support WGBY by June 30, WGBY will receive a matching gift of $100,000. As of June 18, 1002 people have helped WGBY to provide the programs you love! Will we reach 1,000? Check back daily to see updates.

Amusing Incentive, Part 1

If you make a gift to WGBY in June, you might need your passport!

The Grand Challenge is a hugely ambitious project designed to engage more viewers and reduce the need for on-air fundraising. The key to its success is you! Your support is critically important as we work to reach our goal of 1,000 donors.

Amusing Incentive, Part 2

Tell Us Why You Support WGBY
You Could Have Your 15 Minutes of Fame
and Win a Roku Player!

If you choose to make a gift to WGBY, shoot a video testimonal that tells everyone what you love best about our work. Is it Downton Abbey? Connecting Point? PBSKIDS? Learn More!